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My name is Josh Evans. I like food and I think it is important and powerful. I had been cooking for a while when I decided to start documenting my adventures more formally as a 2011 new year’s resolution. Hearthstrung started as a simple way of keeping track of what I was learning, making, and doing. It’s grown into something much broader for me: a way of reflecting on experiences and tracing stories, charting systems and connections, exploring the things that challenge and expand the categories of what is possible in the world.

I’m interested in sustainable food, the connections between my health and the health of the planet – and everything interesting, beautiful, and delicious. I like traveling, nature, photography, language, and the unknown. I like thinking. These are the things that inspire the stories I try to make.

I eat and I learn. These will never change. I am impelled to do both mindfully and well.

10 thoughts on “what is it

  1. Wow Josh!!
    Thank you for creating this wonderful, creative, inspiring , holistic and absolutely delicious recipe site, I LOVE IT!!!!
    Best, Sharda

  2. Thanks Sharda! You’re definitely an inspiration to me. I hope everything’s well in Amsterdam!

  3. My roommate and I, avid readers of GOOD, stumbled upon your blog today, and both acknowledged that we seem to be living very similar lives, though in different states! Though I am not a Food Studies major, both my roommate and I love to explore different ways that food is such an integral part of our lives. I look forward to reading your journey, and seeing the different approaches you take, too. Quite a wonderful blog you have started, with such wonderful ideas and perspectives!

  4. wow, thanks! I definitely love GOOD too. Glad to hear you’re just as interested in food too! Looking forward to hearing your comments and what you have to say.

  5. Beth Harpaz on said:

    Hi Josh, I like your blog! I’m an Associated Press writer and I’m doing a story on Williamsburg and mentioning Smorgasburg, Blue Bottle etc. I’d love to intervu you! I’m on deadline for Monday. Will you contact me?

  6. Hi Josh,
    My name is Lisbeth and I’m a journalism student and freelance writer currently doing a piece on pushing the boundaries for what we eat.
    I’m particularly interested in the use of insects, and I know that you are doing experiments in this field at the Nordic Food Lab, so I was wondering, if I could talk to you about this and perhaps see you work with them at the lab? Please contact me and thank you in advance.

  7. Dear Josh,

    Is there any email address I can contact you to talk about you Nordic Food Lab experience?
    I really would like to intern there too.


  8. Hi Lisbeth,
    Apologies for the late reply. Hope your piece went well!

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