Some of my favourite places on the internet. I hope you’ll find some new favourites.

Edible Geography   |   A breadth of in-depth looks into food as it intersects with history, geography, science, psychology, urban studies, architecture, modern art, and more. I learn a host of new things every time I read. Nicola is one of the most thoughtful, critical, and interdisciplinary food writers out there.

Yale Sustainable Food Project   |   My dear alma mater, in the true sense. My home community at school and beyond. Always great links, articles, and tidbits of news from the farm.

Nordic Food Lab   |   The blog of the Nordic Food Lab, non-profit organisation for open-source culinary research and development. They fuse ecology, traditional processes, and food science to craft innovative food products and generate knowledge for the public good. Very cool work. I’m honoured to be working with them starting June 2012.

Anne au Chocolat   |   My wonderful choco-friend from Copenhagen navigates the world through sweets of all kinds. When in need of comfort of a higher order.

Chris Tonnesen   |   Another good friend from Copenhagen, an up-and-coming photographer who dominates when it comes to fresh takes on food photography.

Nordljus   |   The first food blog I ever started to follow. Some of the most beautiful photography I’ve ever seen. The posts are infrequent but always unique, interesting, and savour-worthy.

Golubka   |   The joy when I happened upon this blog. Wonderful images and all raw vegan recipes of such creativity that it would make some culinary greats blush.

101 Cookbooks   |   The internet vegetarian tome. Beautiful, simple recipes, with lots of creative and satisfying twists. Great photography to boot.

Green Kitchen Stories   |   Chronicles of a family finding joy in vibrant, healthy eating. Great stories of travel and adventure with a small child in tow. And some pretty sweet styling.

If you find a gem, please do share.

2 thoughts on “intersections

  1. Check out 101cookbooks.com. Vegetarian, seasonal cooking with gorgeous photos. You’d love it! xox

  2. thanks! added it to my google reader 🙂 it’s great!

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