Bee Breakfast Club

My friend Cathrine and I finally manifested our bee-themed concept for Denmark’s second Restaurant Day on November 17th. We’ve been working with bee larvae at the lab and Cathrine and I were thinking an informal pop-up would be the perfect opportunity to test some creations with the public.




Focussing on the granola we’ve been developing at the lab, Cathrine and I chose to build the concept around breakfast in a cozy, hyggelig environment, letting customers relax among familiar sights, sounds, smells and people in hopes of framing this novel ingredient in a similarly familiar and comfortable way.

Because granola’s delicious!


Oats, nuts, and seeds, coated with puréed bee larvae and honey, baked and tossed with birch syrup and a bit of salt. It’s savoury with a richer taste than others. We served small cups of it to taste, with small piping bags of cow’s yoghurt and a sprinkling of fruity, musky bee pollen: a fun, simple take on Build-your-own-breakfast.

We also made a mobile with small bags of bee larvae bar snacks for people to try – whole larvae dehydrated and lightly salted. Crispy, savoury, and perfect with beer. A little snack for later in the day.



And honey for sale from Bybi. They provide us with drone brood for research and gave us some pollen for the event. All proceeds from the restaurant went to their cause.

The tables set and ready.


We opened at ten. Customers arrived in a steady stream and by eleven, our tables were full and the room was lively with friends, strangers, families and children, tasting, chatting, and making sense of a new but familiar food.




We also put up a big map of the city with all the restaurants fort the day, so guests could come to start their day and continue on with plans and ideas for more adventures.

We provided little stickers so guests could interact with the map and show where they were hoping to go, and hopefully how they would pollinate the city with stories from breakfast.

pollinating map

The windows thrummed between the warmth inside and the brisk Saturday beyond. The afternoon came, a core of us sharing breakfast around the table. Charlotte arrived to this. We’re ready for the week.

wax shards

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