The quietest day.


Cocoa beans, provided me by Anne. She has this habit of bestowing gifts. Usually of the chocolate variety.


A real treat. The crunchy, thick, squeaky texture and taste of red wine holds a its own place.

And when they make their way into the hands of Friis-Holm, then you’re seriously in danger of a few minutes outside the normal course of time.

bound rest transluce

A fantastic, still quite under-the-radar Danish chocolatier who’s picking up awards and with good reason – Mikkel’s bars express a character and a range of flavours from the bean that is unmatched by most lines past or present. I am keen to follow his work.

A bit of chocolate on the boat, then out into the october.

Ice cream at Isværket. Dark chocolate and liquorice. The one is the theme. The other is so very Danish.

isværket homes

In Nørrebro, there’s a great little area between the park and the ‘gade.

zille wall city

Further up the road to Rød Roses Kaffebar (The Red Rose Café) on Bladers Plads. One of my new favourite haunts. On the periphery of the coffeehouse ‘scene’ but lively and cozy, with good coffee, nice food, and friendly, open staff. Every time I go here a conversation with the servers is inevitable, welcome, and real.

rød roses

This afternooon, they have a small pile of fresh figs in the cake case. Are they used for something else? I ask the waitress. Yes, a garnish, but you can have one she says. And so the cortado makes a friend.

fig + coffee

Cool enough to be fall yet not so cold to stay inside, I venture out to the wooden table with a pen, a pelt, and a bent Borges.

The coffee soothes and settles. The fig is firm and needs a soften. They can’t keep off each other.

fig coffee

I am an enabler.

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2 thoughts on “sundays

  1. That is the most beautiful coffee cup I’ve seen in a while.

    • I know what you mean. Yes, there is something satisfying about the ubiquitous stark white deal, and other plain finishes (brown) in the same modernist vein. But once in while why not celebrate pattern and colour.

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