glam bam porridge

As the weather gets cooler, the food is getting heartier. Luckily Denmark has many solutions for this particular problem.

Porridge, it’s your cue.

baked apple

Oat porridge, fried pumpkin seeds, baked apple stuffed with pickled walnuts and fresh cheese.


It’s grød time! Oh yes it is!

This one, I think, was even better. Oat and quinoa porridge, baked plums, and chili. The colour, the bleeding colour.


So easy and so good. Bake the fruit or veg, mix up the grains, embrace the sweet-savoury. I can’t wait to try out rye and barley and buckwheat, flavours from wood and dried herbs and tea, toppings of parsnips and carrots and rutabaga.

It’s gonna be a good winter.


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2 thoughts on “glam bam porridge

  1. They’re both so beautiful! The pumpkin seed-apple porridge has a wonderful earthiness to it, but I have to admit the plum one is my favourite too. It almost looks like it sparkles. 🙂

    I don’t tend to eat porridge too often, but I recently started eating oat bran (I’d never seen it in shops before – it must be because of the Dukan diet). I hadn’t thought to make any topping for it, but it would definitely make me look forward to breakfast!

  2. Thanks Tor. Yeah it really does sparkle, on the plate and in the mouth.
    Toppings are totally the way to go!

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