Pølse. The infamous Danish hot-dog.

There are stands around the city. They are motorised and vendors can walk with them in the car lane.

Døp – a classic, found at the base of the Round Tower in Indre By. Arielle and I stopped by one day after finishing up some sensory analysis at the university.


Go, and order one with everything. So many good pickles.

But the real star of the KBH pølse show must be John’s Hotdog Deli. He is the guy doing creative stuff. Sure, he has the regular fare, to sate the masses – everyone has to keep the business going somehow. But his raison d’être are his special seasonal pølse, which he designs and makes himself.

My friend Chris is a photographer in town (and so very talented), and got to know John through taking his portrait. Then, he took some photos for one of John’s recent creations: nordic deerdog with homemade sea buckthorn mustard, chanterelle remoulade, and spiced lingonberry red onion pickle. And he sells his condiments in jars. A standout: a chili-liquorice syrup made with Mikkeller dark beer. Chris has some in his pantry, and it is the stuff of dreams.

So, venison hot dog? Yes please. Any one of these condiments would be fantastic, and all three together is a little insane. Insanely palate-explosive, that is.


We went one night for dinner. Our mutual friend Anne came along. We grabbed some special pølse and ate on the street. Then Anne fed us chocolate truffles on the sidewalk. A good night.

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