the joys of stale bread

Bread salad. Seriously. What a brilliant idea.

The Italians have panzanella. The Levant has fattoush. England/America has bread pudding (that counts as salad, right?). And now, the Nordic region has this.


Stale dark bread, fresh yoghurt cheese, and oxidised apple foam.

We were juicing a lot of apples and the foam that collects on the surface of the juice oxidises quickly, turning brown and tannic. But it’s a flavour I think is delicious – slightly sweet, slightly tart, deep, mouth-coating, and somehow rich. A little goes a long way. It soaks into the bread, softening it, absorbing all up into the crumb, getting smeared with tangy yoghurt cheese, which in turn semi-dissolves into the foam.

A messy, comforting dish. I should try it warm. Maybe warming the foam and grilling slices of the bread, maybe lightly carmelising it with sugar and a blowtorch.

So maybe it’s just bread, cheese, and fruit, each component old or past its prime. But together, they reclaim a deliciousness that rises beyond the sum of the parts.

For now, I call it ‘gammeltbrød’, or ‘old bread’.

cream and oxidate

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3 thoughts on “the joys of stale bread

  1. Sounds really yummy…will you make it when we come??

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