fresh yoghurt cheese

Easy, yummy, versatile, good for you. What else is there to want?


Put some milk in a big pot. Add some yoghurt. Bring up to 42˚c. Incubate at 42˚c overnight. Reap your spoils in the morning.

I used about 3 litres of whole milk and 1 litre of yoghurt. Less yoghurt to milk will take longer for the bacteria to complete the job, but it should still work.

In place of an oven that can maintain 42˚, try using the pilot light with the door cracked open, and/or bringing the milk up to temp and wrapping with blankets. Not quite as precise but it should do the trick.

For this cheese, I took the yoghurt and hung it in some cheesecloth for an hour or so, until some whey had drained out and the yoghurt had taken on the consistency of fresh ricotta. Of course, it was even better than fresh ricotta, because it had a fluffy yet dense texture and a light, clean tang.

Topped on some rye bread, with roasted celeriac and potatoes, white and black mustard and fennel seeds.


The combination of mustard seeds and celeriac tastes remarkably like smoked meat. Something about the hefty texture of the cooked celeriac and the savoury, toasty flavour of the mustard. Maybe they’re activating an early taste memory.

And I’ve been brewing this tea of crushed dried juniper berries and fennel seed – a sort of nordic version of lemon and ginger. It has a more subdued zing but it sure keeps a cold at bay. And it holds up to many, many brews.

The harbour is wet with dew and night rain. Breakfast on a cool fall morning.


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