smørrebrød, warm

Maybe I’m still figuring out the game, but my current understanding is that smørrebrød is a beast served cold. Cheeses, cold cuts, vegetables, egg, fish – most things go nowadays, but always, it seems, at room temp or below.

But sometimes, one wants a sandwich hot.



One slow weekend afternoon fall was coming on, and it was the day to warm the smørrebrød up. Assembled from whatever was kicking around.

Rye bread spread with butter, sliced boiled potatoes, cucumber, and herring filet pickled with spices, herbs, onions, and sea buckthorn.


The bread crisped up around the edges and absorbed the butter and juices in the middle; the potato, brown-edged and fluffy within; the herring cut like a rich fruit; cucumber for crunch and freshness, pickling detritus for colour and a burst of tangy sweetness.

A delicious mess. Served warm.


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