the thrill of the pacojet

The pacojet: very likely one of the coolest kitchen equipments. It’s basically a machine with a rotating blade that spins at 2000rpm down in increments of 10 microns through whatever substance has been frozen in the metal paco container. The smallest particle the human tongue can sense is 25 microns; so the pacojet makes the most smooth, most dense, most unbelievably pure purées the mouth has ever luxuriated in.

It’s what we use to make ice creams and sorbets, because it’s much more simple and fast than using an ice cream maker, and it opens up a whole new territory of recipe ratios and ingredients to include (and leave out).

Throughout the summer we were juicing kilos upon kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables for Arielle’s vinegar project. And juicing in that quantity yields lots of pomace, some of which (depending on the fruit/veg) can be quite delicious in itself. Rhubarb, not so nice. But peach? Strawberry? These fruits left dense, flavourful purées just asking to be used again.

Peach pulp with fresh verbena, straight into a paco container, frozen and spun into sorbet.

A touch of birch syrup for a sweet accent.

Because much of the moisture was drawn from the fruit in juicing, the sorbet is remarkably thick and coats the tongue creamily dreamily.

Strawberry pulp worked too. With thyme and spruce and wildflower honey.

The only difference is that these fruit pulp sorbets only survive one spin. Usually, other ice cream recipes only get better the more they are spun. With these, though, they spin beautifully the first time, and the second they clump and almost come to look like minced tartare. They still melt thickly in the mouth though. Perhaps it’s all the pectin responding to being aerated? In any case, it’s strange and delicious.

Returning from a day of summer adventuring throughout the city, Chloe and I settled in for happy hour. A pitcher of Pimm’s Cup and two indulgent and wholly guiltless ices and we were set.

Sun is high; so was I.

Soaking it up.

Those long afternoons have since settled into cool, dim evenings – plenty of opportunity for a couple candles, a few friends, and lots of hygge vibes.


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