opera in the middle of nowhere

Chloe visits in the middle of August.

One evening, we venture out to the countryside for an outdoor Don Giovanni.

It is a little grey and starts to spit at points, but for the most part the weather holds.

The site is Hedeland, an old quarry now turned into a park outside Høje Taastrup. They produce an opera every summer. An open-air amphitheatre, thousands of seats built into the hillside.

Chloe and I hike up the hill overlooking the theatre. We packed a picnic supper from odds and ends around the lab.

Sort of nice surroundings I guess.

Simple fare.

Cabbage rubbed with spruce and lime.

Carrots and tahini.

We picked up a nice big dark loaf earlier in the afternoon. It carries us through all the flavours.

Especially with smoked fresh cheese (Chloe picked it out, expertly) and a bit of salmon roe.

And spruce again. It has a habit of finding its way in everywhere.

Fresh cheese AND butter.

For dessert:

Peaches in yoghurt with verbena.

Cheap tempranillo, a long, late sundown, and the best company in the world on a hill in central Zealand. Hard to be more content.

Soon, the time comes to pack up and head down to the show.

The stage is wide and spare. Big lights, small subtitles, in Danish. Chloe reads us the plot synopsis off wikipedia. A woman is annoyed by her phone light. We eat chocolate and swill wine.

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