lunch and work

We eat simply and well.

More bream, grilled, with a sauce of brown butter and ramson berry capers. And asparagus.

After lunch, work: breaking down 150kg of lamb’s heads in preparation for a special lunch at the restaurant for MAD speakers and guests.

Beyond gutting and cleaning fish, this is my first real butchery. We slice up past the corners of the mouth and around the jawbone, to separate the lower jaw from upper. It requires deft cuts and then leverage. Then a team of two takes a saw to the skull, slicing open the mass of bone; clean cerebral halves lift up and out like the flesh of some rare fruit.

The idea is to poach the brains in milk and serve them, cortex-side up, in the butter dishes as part of the bread course.

We also take the lower jaws and roast them for stock.

The boat smells of lamb for hours. A funky caramel.

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8 thoughts on “lunch and work

  1. What the.. Sounds.. interesting! I thought it was “illegal” or something to serve brains?

  2. yeah… i don’t know if they ever got served – about a month later we found a thirty litre tub of brains rotting in brine in the bottom of the fridge…
    they were delicious fresh though!

  3. I have eaten brain at Nose2tail. Pork brain cooked in fat (like a confit).. It tasted sweet and yummy. However that funky caramel is somewhat more appealing to me now!

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