Day 3. Summer solstice. The sun sets at 10:10, the sky stays light past 11. It is a Saturday.

New daily flavours: rye bread, butter (really good butter), summer cabbage, woodruff, samphire.

The woodruff is darker and tastes of tonka bean (hello coumarin). The samphire is lighter and salty, a beach plant. It is almost the colour of matcha and has a whiff of similar tea notes.

I get used to this.

Afternoon group project: making ‘gin’.

Some aromatics.

One of my first words – ‘hyldeblomst‘.

Another – ‘jordbær’ (lit. ‘earth berry’).

Danish strawberries – you cannot appreciate them enough. They are exquisite, and I have arrived just as we fall into the season.

Arielle, our resident flavour chemist for the summer, sets up the homemade still and tells me about volatiles and fractional distillation.

She is a PhD candidate in Flavour Chemistry at UC Davis. She is super knowledgeable about both science and gastronomy. She is going to be a big deal. No. She is a big deal. Know this girl.

Once the ethanol is vaporising away with the aromatics in the pressure cooker, we grill some bream.

Grrl can grill. We are in for a feast.

Beer. Fish. Grill. Vegetables. Sun at 9:00.

Our distillation yields a flight of fourteen. Time for a blind taste!

Some taste like hot wet socks. Others like library must (which is beautiful). A couple taste something like a gin-like thing.

Post-dinner games at Nordic Food Lab.

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