almond butter marathon

Nut butters are one of my absolute favourite foods – to eat and to make.

The way is dead simple: seeds/needs, heat and cool (maybe), blend into liquid paste. Flavour (maybe), season, eat with a spoon.

The taste can be delicate, fragrant, spiced, or knock-your-socks-off-powerful.

Sunflower is nice, with a deep intensity of wine. Walnut is brooding and bitter (I like to throw in a dried fig or two, with cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves). Pistachios are just insane.

But almonds, these are a go-to. It’s hard to beat the combination of sweet and savoury, light and heavy, and their incredible versatility of pairings.

I made a lot of almond butter while home. Three, to be exact. One for each week, I suppose. Or maybe there were four.

The first was pretty classic: roasted almonds, blended in the food processor and seasoned with a bit of salt.

The heat from blade friction rose in vapour bubbles.

Really nice with basil.

The first was delicious, but we keep having almonds and each virgin batch is on the edge of new possibilities.

The second one has some spicy, green olive oil, and a touch of thick, aged balsamic vinegar. That bit of acidity sends the sweet and savoury flavours through the roof.

Then we do one with bee pollen. Floral, fragrant, and musky, almost a little like artichoke. The sort of flavour you can tell is there but can’t quite put your finger on.

And then, the inevitable: the same olive oil / balsamic vinegar, with melted chocolate folded through. Forget nutella; this is what the real high-ballers go for.

This goes quick. Ohh, yes it does.

And while we’re at it, a killer snack: half an avocado, the hollow filled with almond butter.

Like an insta-version of avocado chocolate truffle.

The other half can be for a friend!

A really good friend.

The avocado could be the really good friend.

Chocolate, almonds, and avocado seems to be the last home meal of choice, and also invariably what ends up as lunch packed for the plane. This last departure is no different. One final pot the morning of, to leave for the sis, and for lunch.

Making sandwiches for journey dinner/breakfast.

More like sandwichlets, with English muffins.

One with cracked black pepper.

The last of it I may taste for a while. That is ok, there are always more things to taste.

Copenhagen, here I come.

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One thought on “almond butter marathon

  1. That may be the prettiest avocado I have ever seen!

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