the bridge et al.

I took the bart back from berkeley, which meant a walk back from the station back through Hayes Valley. Which meant Patxi’s deep dish pizza, blue bottle coffee (the original location at that), and Miette.


It really is good. Steely, glassy, placid, like pencil shavings, pine, a bit of distilled vinegar, bone-white champagne.

The macarons I save for the last few blocks home.

Chocolate lavender and rose geranium.

The latter handles the floral flavours excellently. The cookies are dense, the buttercream actually quite textured.

The lavender comes in delightfully late in the former; it draws you along and finally delivers. The opposite of soap.

All in all they are surprisingly and enjoyably rustic – not ethereal, which is what many go for, but earthy and substantial while still buoyant, which I like.

Then I take the 22 north all the way to the coast.


There is this huge empty field with debris and scattered event infrastructure. It is perfect for b&w. I have a field day.

One of many paths up.

I walk to the other side. The sun is cooling and the wind strong. A bus driver gives me a lift back across.

Through parks in search of Greens.

Urban mirages I think.

I really love tables for one. You get to watch everything and thinking about flavour becomes clearer.

It’s simple and explains itself. Especially in the glow.







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