adventures in maine

In May, after all the work is in and before Commencement, there are a good two weeks, or three, for those of us, like me, that had only final projects and no scheduled exams. I use this time to spend with friends, to adventure, to go to New York city, and up to Maine when most head down to Myrtle Beach. It sounds fun for some but just isn’t my scene.

Daniel, the Head Farm Manager at the YSFP for the past few years, moved up to Maine at the end of March to help John Bunker with his heirloom apple CSA and to make the life he and his wife Corinne want for their family. Their children, Bennett and Anna, are bright, splendid, and very lucky. I have learned so much from all of them (even though Anna is still wee), and I definitely wanted to visit them in their new home and life before leaving the east coast. I made a plan to go up with Andrew and Rachel for a few days of May bliss.

Things there were:

Reading. for pleasure. outside.

Beach explorations in Belfast. And plenty of playing with Bennett.

Wandering the shipyard.

A walk to the waterfall. The river was overflowing its rocky banks from a couple days of rain. Luckily we had an excellent guide.

A trip to the lake. We canoed here.

Fried eggs, utterly fresh. And plenty of good food, every day.

And there were fiddleheads! It was the perfect season; they were beginning to come up in clusters in the yard behind the house. We had a couple harvests while we were there.

It was so compelling I needed to write about them. I made it my first piece for Diaforlife, a new website dedicated to health and wellness in food, lifestyle, sustainability, travel, causes, and business, started by my friend Sharda ten Hove from Amsterdam. She is a lovely person full of light and life, and the site is beautiful. Check it out at www.diaforlife.com. You can read the fiddlehead article here. I’ll be writing for them every so often, and posting links to the articles here on hearthstrung.

Yours in the name of all things fiddly,

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