turkish treats

I brought back some treats and I thought, I need to get as many people as possible to eat these with me.

Party, gathering, soirée; all I know is there were candles

and figs

with golden crystallised skin and supple thick jamminess on the inside

and apricots

dark, unsulphured, and sun-dried, well-suited to being pulled apart with a stickiness you can feel and hear

and whole pistachios

shelled, luminously green with papery, savoury skins, purple-russetted and crackly

and those ‘wild olives’, which in retrospect I’m sure were some type of date

waxy orange skin you have to peel

with flesh like a puff of citric sweetness, all at once, somewhere in between a powder and cotton candy

and the Turkish Delight of course

in many flavours of fruit and nut, rose, pistachio, hazelnut, lemon, coffee

oh yes, and the halva

crumbly, moist, succulent, rich, nutty, savoury, sweet; a texture that melts and chews together

and what would the night be without cocktails. Chloe had brought me a gift (as she is wont to do) of blackberry liqueur from Fauchon in Paris. I made a little fizz of it, with tonic, a splash of rose vinegar, green tea, and fresh sage.

These treats were good but I wouldn’t have enjoyed them all nearly as much without friends to share them with.

I only wish I had a little more of something to counteract all the sweetness. I had a little chunk of blue cheese, but there came a point (blasphemy, I know) where I just couldn’t handle more fig/apricot/halva sweetness on my tongue.

There are worse problems.

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