Victoria: Daidoko, Habit

The few days last summer in Victoria, in between Summer Tour in East Asia and internships in New York, were full of good food. One day, my sister Lisa and I ventured downtown to check out a couple places on our home turf I’d been meaning to try.

By this point, I’d had multiple people, even some from out of town, tell me the wonders of Daidoko, a Japanese, family-run, weekday-lunch-only spot tucked away in Nootka Court downtown. They have their own farm outside town and everything is simple, to-the-point, and the freshest of fresh.

The name (which means ‘kitchen’) and food are humble but everything is done right and the vibe is both relaxed and relaxing: soft jazz, friendly smiles, cooking efficient but not clattery, natural light, wood paneling, and simple but well-made dishes.

Komatsuna (Japanese mustard turnip), carrot, kombu, and fuki (bog rhubarb or giant butterbur), with sesame sauce, over brown rice. And a miso soup of perfectly balanced robustness and consistency.

Then across town for some coffee at Habit, one of the best coffee shops here I hear.

We stopped in Chinatown, picking up some groceries for dinner that night: Kabocha (my favourite squash), enoki mushrooms, and some burdock root.

Apricots on the street.

The venerable Blue Bridge (now, it seems, being dismantled and futuristically rebuilt. ah the changing times).


Lisa got a chai latte. It was not made from a mix; transparent, flavourful, not sweet.

It went.

Espresso for me. Grass, spice, cardamom.

We also shared this little spicy sesame nut triangle. so nicely textured, unique, and a great play on sweet and savoury.

Also, great music.

If I lived here I’d make it a habit (couldn’t resist. sorry but not sorry).

Later, the view as we settle after dinner.

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