So often that slimy, overcooked, indeterminate green-grey mash withered amongst other robustier veggies or sunk to the bottom of a white bean soup. Well my friends, those days are gone for good because escarole is a friend indeed.

It’s time to be brave. It’s time to eat it raw.

Our CSA gave us huge beautiful heads of it all throughout May. Why reduce it to nothing when you can make a big fluffy salad out of the stuff?

It’s a bit thicker than some other salad greens, so cut it up nice and thin, and don’t forget those stems – they’re beautiful sliced into little rings, and have a great bracing crunch.

Mix in finely cut versions of whatever else you have on hand: escarole takes well to sweet and aromatic flavours. Here I’ve mixed in some sliced celery, beautiful little chioggia beets and stems, chopped cilantro, toasted pepitas, and that creamy ginger lemon tahini dressing I’ve been on lately. But there are hosts of other combinations that would work, all throughout the season. Happy pairing!

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