peanut sauce

Axiom no.1: It is simple.

Derivation no.1: Make it yourself.

Corollary no.1: It is much more delicious and much healthier than anything you would buy. And it’s fresh and zingy.

It is so easy. It is as easy as making salad dressing.

Get a jar.

Start with some sesame oil and rice vinegar, in the ratio you would use for salad dressing (I like a rough 2:1). Shake it up.

Spoon in some good natural peanut butter. That is, no hydrogenation, no sugar, no added unnecessaries. Just some good straight blended peanuts. Be generous. Shake it up.

Season with spices and flavours. I enjoy things like star anise, chinese five spice, Szechuan pepper, ground lemongrass, cardamom, coriander, long pepper. Cumin and curry could work too. Oh and definitely sriracha for some heat. Experiment with these.

Shake it up. Don’t forget the salt! That’s important.

Season and adjust to taste. You might need a bit more sesame oil, rice vinegar, or pb to get the texture just how you like it. I like mine velvety and spoonable. You can also add in a touch of water if you want to loosen the texture but the flavour is already strong.

Mom made the most satisfying stir-fry while I was home, with tons of veggies and brown rice. I whipped up a quick batch of this peanut sauce to go with it. It was just… mmmmm.

There’s something about all the veggies and rice getting caught up in each other with the fragrant sesame, the spices, the sweet earthy peanuty fatty goodness…


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One thought on “peanut sauce

  1. That sounds like such a good accompaniment for fried rice. I’m definitely going to try it!

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