carrot miso velvet

Began as a soup but evolved into so much more.

When Smitten Kitchen posted about a similar bold little winter comforter, my latent attraction to this combination developed into an acute fixation that I knew wouldn’t leave me until I got it out of my system and into the pot.

But our story actually begins with daily beach walks and winter sunsets on the bay.

The perfect time of day to reflect on the light hours, and look forward to getting into the dusky evening kitchen.

Coming inside from the sublime, saturated, happens every day back home, especially in the winter months. Something about the solitary walks, the boreal coastlines. This particular evening, it found its expression in this soup.

And how simple it is: chop an onion, a few cloves of garlic, a knob of ginger. Sautée in butter or oil until translucent and fragrant. Add in a whole bunch of chopped carrots. Let cook a few minutes more. Add water, cover and simmer. When carrots are soft, blend. Stir in miso to taste.

I also threw in some red lentils to simmer with the carrots, for some added body and that amazing satisfying heartiness that lentils lend to whatever you let them.

Garnished with chopped cilantro and drizzled with a little sesame oil and a few drops of sherry vinegar, it was everything winter soup brings to mind for me: warm, filling, aromatic, earthy and savoury, with contrapuntal tints of sweet and acid. Though I can’t promise I won’t be making this whatever the season, so long as I can get my hands on carrots.

I think I can sense a miso stint approaching. Watch out for miso butter.

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3 thoughts on “carrot miso velvet

  1. I just saw this recipe, too! I am definitely making it this week. I’ve got two bags of carrots in my fridge that need to be used. Did you blender your soup? It just looks so smooth!

  2. Blender ftw.Yup, it’s going to be goood.

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