radish pods

Radishes are simply lovely. They come in all sorts of shapes, colours, and spicinesses, and I find myself coming back to their crisp crunch over and over again.

Did you know that radishes also come in a pod variety? If you let your radishes grow past their usual harvesting time, they will flower and go to seed – and the seeds come in the form of siliques, long slender capsules that split when ripe. If you harvest these pods while they’re still young, they are one of the most delicious surprises to be found in the garden. Snappy and spicy, but more vegetal then the radish root, they are remarkable tossed into a salad, or even quick-pickled. But my favourite way to eat these babies is to fry them up in butter, searing them so they blister on the outside and remain tender on the inside.

These ones are from a dinner I made with Chloe back in September. We had made some dangerously palatable croutons to put on top of our ratatouille, and we used those crunchy, salty little crumbs from the bottom of the pan to toss with our radish pods. If I ever have a bar, these will be the snack on tap.

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