On the Mantle: worms, pawpaws, pumpkin ale, Per Se, &c.

Oh man, get ready, cause this is a long one. So much great food content lately, the only thing to do is to voraciously lap it up. And share it too, because that’s a nice thing to do, right?

Tamar Adler – a new cookbook, a simple philosophy, a brilliant person. I had the pleasure of working with her at the Edible Schoolyard NYC this summer, where she is the Chef and Kitchen Teacher. She’s coming to Yale to talk about her new book in the spring!

Unconventional seed oils? Produced locally? Yes please. Ten points for great specialty food products.

I haven’t seen this in person, but I’m sure it’s beautiful. Let me know if you have a copy, we should drink tea and page through it together sometime soon.

Just learned about Lierre Kieth and her book ‘The Vegetarian Myth’ from Anna, a reader here on hearthstrung. It seems like the book I’ve been searching for for a while. I’m hoping to get my hands on a copy soon and read it.

A beautiful little video on how to make Vietnamese coffee.

A great raw dessert business in (of course) San Francisco.

A new, updated study of organic agriculture.

Some great little tips about vegetable cooking from Ottolenghi, via Stone Soup. Have really got to get a copy of Plenty I think.

You may think you’ve read everything the internet has to offer. Then Mixology Mailbag publishes a piece about designing cocktails for Lesbian Werewolf Erotica. yup.

Oh beloved pawpaw! Would that you might grace more riverbanks of this dear country (if only so that we could eat local tropical fruit in a non-tropical locale).

God bless the Gauls and their serious wine-buying habits.

The almighty New York Times Magazine Food Issue.

Great stories about specific culinary delights the world over, all in one convenient article. Little more to say.

My first piece for Food Studies, Grist Edition.

An awesome NYT piece on cheese and affinage. Shout out to Murray’s!

The old and the new in Moroccan cuisine. Fascinating.

Rare heirloom seed varietals + CSA business model + Kickstarter = a really great idea.

Vermiculture! Someday I am going to get really into this.

Proving that sustainable business models can be not only viable, but better than their standard counterparts.

A Black Périgord Truffle tasting menu at Ai Fiori, specially designed for one savvy blogger.

A great, intuitive, systematic approach to wine-tasting (and flavour networks in general).

Pumpkin Ale: yea or nay?

Artisanal cheese takes off in Japan. Who’d have thought?

Not sure if I’ve shared this one before or not, but it’s still great: up close and personal with Tartine.

Great piece on Grub Street about cookbooks and the publishing industry.

So many things to marvel at.

Zomg foie gras banned in Cali!!

And finally, having saved the absolute best for last, Mr. Sam Sifton’s final review for the New York Times: none other than Per Se, the “best restaurant in the city“. I believe him. Someday I will go there.

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