On the Mantle: layer cake, stalks & fronds, dreaming of the bay area

Nicola Twilley strikes again – what happens when the wines of France meet subway map design.  Simply delightful.

One more note in the rallying cry of chefs using their restaurants to preserve food diversity.

Ode to a spectacular vegetable.

They’ve done it again.  (though I still can’t get over these)

Already planning my dream expedition to SF.

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2 thoughts on “On the Mantle: layer cake, stalks & fronds, dreaming of the bay area

  1. Hi, I just came across your work posted on Grist. I’m wondering if you’ve read The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith. It elaborates on some of what you mentioned in your post and also, for lack of a better word, radicalizes it. I’m interested in your opinion.

  2. Hi Anna,
    Thanks so much for reading my piece on Grist, and for your comment! I haven’t read it, but I just found the first section of the book on her website and I completely loved it. I agree with pretty much everything she has to say, and as a vegetarian myself I am sympathetic to the personal journey she describes. It’s becoming more and more clear to me that what matters in talking about food issues is thinking systemically, not categorically, which is one big reason why I’m not vegan (among others). The main reason I don’t eat meat is because simply that I don’t really care for the taste; I am the first to admit that raising and eating animals can have a beneficial effect on a system as a whole (cf. Joel Salatin). Really, a huge thanks for the recommendation – I think I’ve found the book I’ve been looking for on the subject, for where I am right now in terms of thinking about food, ecology, justice, civilisation, the planet.

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