Guest Post: Lisa’s extraordinary veggie burgers

My gourmet sister Lisa makes her merciless return to hearthstrung with a veggie burger supper to put generic restaurant fare to shame.  “Where have these been all my life?” you may be asking.  I for one am preoccupied with “Why am I never at home when this sort of thing happens?”  Either way, let’s hear about it from the creator herself; I think she has the answers, and a couple Smitten Kitchen-y photos to boot.

I’d been wanting to try making veggies burgers for a while, but I was a little bit nervous to make up my own recipe in case they didn’t hold together. I wanted to make patties with red lentils, chickpeas, and quinoa, but I decided against the latter, as I thought the first two would stick together better. They were very quick and easy to make – I essentially put everything into the food processor, then added a few breadcrumbs afterwards to soak up some of the moisture and make for a more solid patty.

Earlier in the day, I started making my whole wheat buns. These were also really easy to make, especially when I had the day off and could take my time.

I enjoy having an entire day to spend alone in the kitchen, kneading dough and snacking as I go.  As Josh has mentioned before, we love standing around in the kitchen making canapés, sometimes for an hour or more.

I was really happy with how these buns turned out. The heaviness of the whole wheat flour elicited nicely dense yet light, chewy bread, with a lovely intense yeasty flavour. They came out of the oven looking really cute; the perfect size, in my opinion, for a burger.

To top the burgers, I also made two types of aioli: one with fresh basil and dill, the other with sambal oelek, a spicy Southeast Asian chili paste. All in all, a very yummy dinner. I was also pleasantly surprised about the texture of the lentil-chickpea patties – they fried in the skillet nicely, and didn’t fall apart.

I also made a kale and honeydew summer salad, the melon contrasting beautifully with the crunchy, vegetal leafiness of the kale, and beet and sweet potato chips to go alongside the burgers.  This dinner was immensely satisfying, while still being really healthy.

I’d say so.  Beautiful and delicious-looking.  If you’re now in need of some dessert, you should check out Lisa’s not-quite-as-virtuous-but-equally-decadent ginger bundt cake with lemon-vanilla glaze from last time.  Now where can I get me some of that homemade sambal oelek aioli?
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5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Lisa’s extraordinary veggie burgers

  1. Shelley Evans on said:

    I wish you’d been there Josh! It was a fabulous dinner: interesting flavors yet so umami…comforting, satisfying and delicious. Beautiful plates of colour also! Maybe Lisa will cook for you next time you are home….hope so!

  2. yeah, everything looks so colourful and flavourful. I’ll have to beg for a Lisa-cooked meal in the winter.

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