The Treat Ritual: Sky Ice Sweet & Savory

Kathleen and I headed here for an afternoon ice after a long day last week.  A group from Momofuku had come to the garden for a workday, and though it was very fun and we got a lot done, it was also a long day out in the sun and by the time we dragged ourselves back to the F at Avenue X we were ready for either a bed, ice cream, or both.  So we made the adult choice and delayed our gratification in favour of ice cream first.

Sky Ice specialises in all sorts of Thai ice creams and other foods.  We didn’t realise it beforehand but they actually have a pretty big menu!  Luckily we were just there for the ice cream.

I tried a few, including mixed vegetable (carrot, broccoli, avocado) and durian (which was particularly successful given its notorious noxiousness), but I eventually settled for black sesame seaweed ice cream and mangosteen sorbet – two very different flavours and textures, but they were delicious.  My obsession with black sesame in sweets is already out in the open, and the salty, briny, vegetal curl of the seaweed just amped up the satisfying sweet-umami interplay.  The mangosteen served as a great counterpoint, with its creamy tang and exotic aroma.  I’m not sure they were the best together – there was no revelatory ‘third flavour’ – but they were both good and worth getting in themselves.

Kathleen got mango.  We shared a Thai iced coffee.  Nice afternoon.

The walk back to Fulton st. from Park Slope was a mirage.  I’m sure I was nodding off on the G home.

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