I am spoiled.

Just look at the sort of thing I get served on a frequent basis.

No special occasions, no requests.  Sometimes it feels like work of an off-hours personal chef.  C is the culprit here, in case you haven’t guessed.

These are the tomato tartines that, along with those at Vandaag, inspired the ones I made a couple weeks ago.  Same with those mandolined avocado squash.

As if that’s not enough, I’m also receiving a delicious education in the joys of Mexican food.  I am the first to admit that Mexican is not my favourite cuisine, at least not how it appears at most places in the States and Canada.  There have just been too many blunt profiles, tired combinations, and, of course, too much spice (I’m a delicate soul).  Don’t get me wrong, I love guacamole.  And a good mole sauce is like nothing else on this planet (though there are lamentably more terrible ones than divine).  But that’s more or less the extent of my appreciation, and C has had his work cut out for him in this regard.  But I’m getting better.

A recent brunch: Huevos Ahogados, or ‘smothered eggs’.  They are eggs poached in salsa verde.  C served them with avocado (obviously; he is obsessed), cilantro, and hot sauce on a crispy tortilla.  A very satisfying brunch.

I really love this salsa verde!  It’s sour, fruity, and neither sweet nor savoury, something else.  It’s totally in its own category of delicious.

And just in case I’ve been getting thirsty from all this food, C has been supplying us with frequent homemade cocktails.  He wants to improve his drink-mixing skills, which means I get to enjoy the results.

One of his most successful to date:

Peach purée, grapefruit juice, Mezcal, thyme syrup, pineapple mint garnish.  A unique combination of fruity, tangy, and smoky.  It was quite sweet for my taste at first but after a couple drops of angostura bitters it was better.  Nothing like some bitters to deepen and smooth out a drink.  They’re magical.

We’ve been making cocktails before going out to dinner – that way we don’t feel obligated to get some at the restaurant.  It’s a nice little habit too, we can lounge and sip.  A personal happy hour.

He has these ice cube moulds that are actually cubes – can you imagine??

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