Dirt Candy: a doable day

This week at Dirt Candy was a bit more manageable than last week.  I diced the jalapeños and onions for the hush puppies, shaved the celery, rolled the falafel, chopped the chives for the cucumber mix, mandolined and cut thin strips of ginger and scallions for the carrot slaw, made two trays of crostini, and got to do the bell pepper brunoise.  The brunoise is definitely my favourite task of anything.

We also had a very colourful, vegetable-forward family.  Danielle made a rich spinach soup, a deep green, which I topped with a couple almonds.

She also let me make the salad, which was fun.  There wasn’t much leeway in terms of ingredients, because we make a salad out of whatever scraps remain from the day’s prep.  But it was still a colourful, delicious salad nonetheless: yellow, red, green, and orange bell peppers, yellow carrots, and celery, tossed with young greens and sprinkled with almonds.  I made a simple mustard-thyme dressing for it too.  It wasn’t half bad.

I enjoyed my colours on the stoop outside.

A satisfying meal.

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