Dirt Candy: the prep x-games

Last Thursday at the restaurant was a crazy day.  The staff had all been on a much-deserved vacation for the past few days, and as we were opening again for business on Friday night, Thursday consisted of almost an entire menu worth of prep.

I got a lot of the chopping-intensive tasks, which I do like, but they are all rather time-intensive.  So after soaking chickpeas and macadamia nuts, taking a mandoline to quarts of carrots and cucumbers, and grating zucchini, forming them into little discs and dehydrating them, I also had to dice our select cucumbers into perfect cubes (mine were not-so-perfect but I’m getting better), peel and dice salsify, hearts of palm, and Chinese chives, and mix it all together for the cucumber dish, as well as (you guessed it) the full bell-pepper brunoise shebang.  And for dessert, I sliced six stirati and toasted them will truffle oil for the crostini.

So it was a long day.  It was only me, Danielle, and Vincent in the kitchen, and together we ploughed through a heck of a prep list.  Vincent also made a hearty family of veggie-style southern specialties, including ‘shrimp ‘n’ grits’ (grits with creole-style king oyster mushrooms), ‘fried catfish’ (thin filets of breaded, fried tofu with seasoning), and puffy scrambled eggs.

I was full in every way.

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