The Treat Ritual: La Colombe

Pre-Murray’s last week (a great class on Cheeses of Summer!), I stopped in at La Colombe on Lafayette in Soho for a medium-quick espresso.  It was on my list and it was time to check it out.  I’d heard good things.

A cool space, well-designed for sure, with high ceilings, a beautiful concave bar, and sculptural seating.  I enjoyed how the lines of the benches and tables reflected those of the bar.

It was busy, though, with quite a few shoppers, tourists, and businessmen, so I took a stand on the other wall by the narrow counter, cradling my conical little cup.

Nice branding indeed.  And they serve espresso with a short glass of water, which I appreciate.

The coffee smelled like young port and black mustard seed.  It tasted first like charred toast, then angostura bitters, and cooked rapini.  I swear it had this weird aftertaste of toro.

I liked the first couple sips, but neither did it continue to amaze, nor really did it develop.

The Soho crowd can keep this one.  They do have a great door handle.

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