I just learned a great new word:

prandial  |  of or pertaining to a meal.
from the Latin prandium meaning a late breakfast or luncheon; taken from the greek pro (before) and endios (midday).  Now it is used in relation to any meal.

You can say ‘pre-prandial’, which means before a meal.  Or ‘post-prandial’, after a meal.  Or you could say ‘pro-prandial’ (all for meals!), ‘peri-prandial’ (around meals; meal accoutrements),  or poly-prandial (many mealed and may more merrily materialise!).  I’m mixing etymologies but whatever.

A seriously great word.

How would you prefix ‘prandial’?  Best response gets a prize.  Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged.

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3 thoughts on “Vocabulary

  1. quasi-prandial? pseudo-prandial? meta-prandial?

  2. somewhat meal-like? something masquerading as a meal that is actually something else? a meal about or referencing meals? all worthy contenders. someday I would like to host a meta-prandial dinner party. or maybe I just like the idea of hosting one.

  3. There is no word that cannot be improved by prefixing it wit meta-.

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