On The Mantle

I really like eating, cooking, and exploring food, and I also like to read about it.  There’s so much great writing out there, so I wanted to reflect on what I’m reading and share some articles each week.  I’m putting them on the cyber-mantle so you can take them down and read them too.

This one’s a big list cause it’s the first and there have been many great reads lately!

Doppelgänger Dinner that the supper club Studiofeast did recently – exact visual omnivore and vegetarian analogues for each part of a 7-course meal.

Quarantine, a meal that supper club A Razor, A Shiny Knife did a while back to go along with an art exhibit on the theme.  (The past two articles are from the blog of the inimitable Nicola Twilley, the ex-Food Editor at GOOD where I contributed to Food Studies for a bit.)

Awesome article from the Atlantic on the rise of Chilean cuisine on the world stage.

Harold McGee on Coffee and Tea. (such a wonderful cadence)

NYT piece on using every part of the vegetable.

Gilt Taste piece on many uses of ginger root!

In.gredients, the first zero-waste grocery store in the US.  Hooray for jars!

Kinfolk, a new magazine put together by artists, writers, and designers from across the world, all around the significance of entertaining and connecting through food as a shared experience.

Romera, a new restaurant slated to open in New York this fall, exploring the principles of ‘Neurogastronomy’ etc.  Worth a read.

Sour green plums with salt – an obsession of Kathleen, my awesome boss at the Edible Schoolyard, and something we’re going to find at some point.


And these.

Let me know about your favourites!  And share some things you’ve been reading.

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