Legume Glory

I had a delicious salad for lunch today.  It was chock-full of protein of all sorts, and delicious veggies from market.  There was some leftover bean salad that Tamar made at the garden at P.S. 216 last week for lunch one day, as part of the summer camp we’re running for kids and their families.  I took it home and used it today: it had chickpeas, black beans, cucumber, herbs, and a delicious dressing of some sort.  To that I added broccoli peeled into skinny florets, diced yellow and purple wax beans, persian cucumber, minced lemon peel, basil and sorrel, raw sunflower and sesame seeds, and some good olive oil at the office.

How delicious it was!  And so robust and satisfying.  I love eating well and simply.

Legume bonus points: some leftover crunchy peanut butter that Peanut Butter & Co. gave us after the Serious Eats Sandwich Festival on Saturday, spooned onto some crusty bread.  mmm.

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