The Treat Ritual: Amorino Gelato Artigianale

After a hard day’s work of brunoising and other tasks, I decided it would be in my best interest (and that of all those who would be at the tasting in the Murray’s classroom that evening) to take a brief gelato break on my way from the east village to the west.

Plus, the day was hot.


t + 6 =

You see that melt.  It is the product of just a few extra seconds in the outdoor heat.

But pretty, right?  One of my new favourite gelaterias for sure.  They scoop all their cones like this, in crafted roses.  It was just as pleasing to watch the scooper ply each petal as it was to eat.  A truly aesthetic experience.

But in the moment, there was scarce time to appreciate it, let alone snap a photo.  This flower was melting and the only way to save it was to lap it back closed.

The pistacchio was delicious, deep, complex.  Finally.  And the dark chocolate intense and aromatic.

Begins the big reveal; like stripping a flower to the stamen.

Pond.  Pool.

Armchair.  Or a cenote.

Some of the best frozen treat I’ve had in a while.  Brought me back to Milan, a brief reverie I savoured along with the last few drips of god-given pistacchio nectar.

This is somewhere to make a trip.

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