The brightest, zingiest, most colourful salad

I was particularly excited about lunch today because the ingredients from my fridge came together this morning in an especially superb way.  I made a salad with sliced watermelon radish and celery hearts, roasted golden beets (with skins, of course), sorrel, basil (leaves and flowers), and lemon peel.  I added olive oil and salt at work.  Talk about a ‘presto!’ moment.

I’ve been really into lemon peel lately – I love how it’s both aromatic from the zest and bitter from the pith.  It goes well with so many things!  And that delicious crunchy, chewy texture.

Also, how good are edible flowers in general?  You know my penchant for lavender, and nasturtiums too.  C bought some arugula blossoms and used them in a roasted eggplant salad with basil and pan-fried squid over the weekend.  Such a delicious flavour and aroma.  And when I found these whole basil stalks at market with flowers sprouting from the top, rather than pooh-pooh them as ‘gone to seed’ I couldn’t help thinking of what to do with those flowers!  Such a strong, almost spicy flavour.  And how pretty to have little green buds in one’s salad.

It was just so summery and cheerful!  Crunchy, crispy, toothsome, with so many bright flavours of sweet, sour, and bitter.  Floral, herbaceous, spicy.  It was simple and complex.

I also have no picture because I didn’t bring my camera to work.  I regret this because it was a particularly beautiful salad, with all those colours and shapes.

Topped on a celery pesto crostini it was immensely satisfying, along with a small, white cucumber (so crisp and sweet!), yellow plums, and a hunk of Berkswell cheese, it made for a swell lunch.

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3 thoughts on “The brightest, zingiest, most colourful salad

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