notes from dinner

By now you know my penchant for making meals by exploring permutations of whatever I have on hand.  Canapé counter snacking if you will.  Tonight was one of those times.  Between the haul I got from market yesterday, spoils from the Dirt Candy kitchen on Thursday, and leftovers from the classroom at Murray’s (not to mention a huge appetite from a bike ride to north Central Park and back to Williamsburg), I was set for a night of some great combinations.  Highlights:

Crostini with Chinese celery leaf-almond pesto, Berkswell cheese, lemon peel

Crostini with cultured butter and sea salt, golden beet skins, purple string bean, tahini

Watermelon radish, pesto, Vendéen Bichonné cheese, lemon peel

Celery, pesto, yellow string bean, Colombier des Pigéons cheese

broccoli dipped in tahini

Berkswell wrapped in sorrel

Crostini with cultured butter and sea salt, sorrel

dried apricot, Colston Bassett Stilton, walnut

Isabella 2 Sisters, Mast Bros. Cacao nib chocolate


There were more but for the sake of preserving some semblance of moderation I’ll stop there.

I’m really into lemon peel lately – I love how it’s not at all sour, but rather highly aromatic and slightly bitter.  It’s a perfect complement to so many things.  If you find yourself making lemonade toss those peels my way!

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7 thoughts on “notes from dinner

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  2. Your use of “permutations” is wrong. The order of ingredients doesn’t matter in a recipe.

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  4. I suppose you’re right – ‘combinations’ would be more apt here, wouldn’t it. From a technical standpoint at least. Though I do love the word ‘permutation’, it has a lovely sound..

    As for order of ingredients, I totally think it matters. Aside from a formal recipe, even while snacking order matters. I made crostini from some of these ingredients in multiple ways, and they all tasted different. For example, butter below pesto versus butter above pesto. Or lemon peel eaten before, during, or after crostini. Or lemon peel and cheese shaved in a smilar fashion, or torn into chunks of similar size. Small variables can affect the pace and order of a succession of flavours, even if those individual ingredients are all the same. Don’t you think so?

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