Slow Brunch

This morning we ate yoghurt with fresh figs and walnuts.  C dressed his with a swirl of agave nectar.  I opted for a touch of olive oil and a pinch of truffle salt, reminiscent of one of the best dishes of my life at Kadowaki (details forthcoming, I promise).

C made avocado toast.

I brewed some green tea to go with the very last of my Hakata Tōrimon, one of my most favourite confections ever.  They’re one of the specialties form Fukuoka where I lived for a year.  So I have strong attachments to them.  Hakata is the older name for the Fukuoka region, while Tōrimon literally means “gate-passing” and refers to an ancient festival that has taken place in Hakata annually for over 800 years called Dontaku, involving a huge parade that historically passed through many gates of the city.

They are a sort of pastry (what the Japanese call ‘okashi‘ (お菓子) with a very thin, spongy cake exterior enveloping a thick filling of white bean jam made with cream and butter.  So it’s decadent yet extremely subtle, like most Japanese wonders.  It is not too sweet, but decidedly aromatic (it reminds me of chestnut paste), and has the most heavenly texture and mouthfeel.  The way it dissolves and coats the mouth is one of the most pleasurable sensations.

As a bonus, I’d like to share the description on the package.  You won’t regret it.

“The spirit of OKASHI. It is what gives a peaceful and pleasant mind to the human race [can’t disagree with that]. All the time, man seeks romance in the OKASHI. We have been working hard and carefully, and work on. To weave the romance and the fancy into each OKASHI. This,  at last, we have made up ‘The HAKATA SEIYO-WAGASHI.’ [means ‘western-style Japanese treat’]  If you taste the feeling and the spirit of the OKASHI which value tradition and living in the times, there is no pleasure better than it.”

Told you so.

It was a good meal.

Off to market!

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