Guest Post: Lisa’s ginger cake with lemon-vanilla glaze

My sister Lisa is a force to be reckoned with.  She’s feisty, fierce, and mightily multi-talented.  We love cooking and eating together whenever we get the chance – whether at home in Victoria or meeting up at school – and when I saw a picture of this cake she made recently, I knew I needed to persuade her to feature it on a guest post here on hearthstrung.  So, without further ado, please be spellbound by Lisa Evans and her sticky, entrancing ginger cake!

This is my first time logging my thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and experiences on the web (also known as ‘blogging’). What makes this first time great is that this is a guest post on my dear brother Joshua’s blog, as you may have ascertained by the food-saturated url. Josh and I always have a lot of fun cooking together and sharing various epic food adventures, and going to colleges in the same geographical vicinity has definitely allowed for a decent amount of time spent together this past year. I really enjoy trying new things and making culinary creations with Josh – I am definitely very lucky to have an (two) older brother(s) who I really like spending time with.

Now that that touching moment has elapsed, I can get on with the point. Since I’ve been back home in Victoria, I’ve been doing a lot of baking – I find the precise measurements complemented by a bit of room for creative alteration to be rejuvenating after a long day of work. There is also nothing like being home with a beautiful, clean, fully stocked kitchen all to myself. A few weeks ago, I ventured into bagel territory, spending an entire day kneading dough, letting it rise, shaping it into squishy little rings, boiling said squishy rings, coating them in white and black sesame seeds, and baking them, until out of the oven materialized beautiful, chewy Montreal-style goodness.

The bagels were good, but last night, after a long first week of work in the kitchen at the Village Restaurant, I had an extreme sugar craving. But this couldn’t be any sort of sugar – it had to be specifically a fluffy, moist cake with a sticky, tangy glaze. At my other job, at the Hotel Grand Pacific, we have several wonderful gelato flavors such as black sesame, lychee, and ginger, and ever since I tried the ginger gelato, I had been craving something very light and gingery. So, this is where I ended up, at the end of the night:

A fresh ginger root cake with lemon-vanilla glaze. Let me see if I can do a Josh Evans-esque description here. The cake, baked in a bundt pan, contained just the right amount of fresh ginger to balance out the gleek-inducing tangy sweetness of the lemon-vanilla glaze. Nah, that was definitely a Lisa description. But actually, the cake was really good, if I do say so myself. It emerged from the pan all crisply intact and perfect, and, once I poured the glaze (which, might I mention, was originally an icing, but I added significantly more lemon juice to change its consistency) the cake soaked up the acidic syrup and looked almost too good to eat. I might mention I was also thinking of my mom while making this cake, for she has fond grade-school memories of her favourite dessert in the cafeteria: ginger cake with lemon sauce.

This cake definitely satisfied my craving, and while the citrusy glaze most probably would have been too sweet for Josh’s palate, my epically extreme (yes, I know I used the words ‘epic’ and ‘extreme’ already, but this is how it actually is) sweet tooth is very difficult to fully satiate, but this late-night creation absolutely succeeded.

There you have it.  She is taking private orders by phone and email.  As far as I’m concerned, this is by no means the last (or even most decadent) guest post you’ll read of Lisa’s – stay tuned for future late-night baking glories.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Post: Lisa’s ginger cake with lemon-vanilla glaze

  1. The cake was perfectly moist, delectably gingery as only freshly-grated ginger can be, the glaze was the spot -on sweet/sour balance of citrus and sugar. oh a lovely late night snack! But guys…lose the late night mom photo okay? Photo of cake….priceless.

  2. sorry, but it’s a great photo and it’s here to stay.

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