Dirt Candy: watch and learn

Things I’ve learned at Dirt Candy over the past few weeks:

– how much a quart is.
– how much a pint is.
– the difference between american and chinese celery.
– how to properly chop an onion (finally).
– how to contort myself into any variety of positions in order to reach something on a narrow shelf.  also, how to hold a great many things at once.
– there is something called purasnow flour.  It is very different from all-purpose.
– how to properly bread cheese curds.
– how important and difficult it is to cut a large volume of things to exactly the same size.
-how lucky I am to have a patient kitchen manager.

and many more things.  The learning curve has been high but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This past Thursday, Danielle let me do a couple new tasks, as Jennifer had finished her externship the previous week.  I got to make the stock to poach the tofu for the cucumber dish, skin the tofu with yuba, shave the celery for the celery salad, and prepare the cucumber mix with salsify, hearts of palm, and chinese leeks.  It was fun to have some new tasks with a few more steps.  But I still do love the hard work and meditative repetition of chopping, slicing, and peeling.

This week for family Danielle made the most delicious soup.  The clouds outside were hanging heavier and heavier throughout the course of the day, and by 3:30 there was a rainstorm raging outside our door, with sheets of water pounding into the sidewalk.  It was definitely a soup sort of day.  She took leftover carrots, cauliflower, tofu and yuba from the day’s prep work, combined them with purple onion and rice, and stewed them in an aromatic broth of coconut milk (I believe) and yellow curry.  It was warm, hearty, yet light and flavourful, and it was the perfect thing to slurp on while watching the rain from inside.

The vapour from the soup fogged my lens.  I kind of like it that way.

Some delicious family salad.

I was wearing a pale yellow shirt that day, and as I was sipping my soup I noticed that between my shirt and the orange banquette we were the same palette as the soup.  It was meant to be.

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