11 thoughts on “Italia (and all that it entails)

  1. bahhhh this looks amazing. not gonna lie though, I giggled when I read “rich, cured rump” 🙂

  2. this is all my dream

  3. Lynn Greenhough on said:

    Well Josh – I am not planning a trip to Italy (hard not to after reading all of this) but I am coming to NYC in early June. Is it mere coincidence that Josh rhymes with nosh? If you are in the vicinity, let’s.

  4. hahaha no it is no coincidence I’m sure! I would LOVE to nosh – unfortunately I’m going to be on tour with the Alley Cats then, and won’t be back to the east coast until around June 20th. But we will be performing at UVic on May 15th – I would love to see you and Aaron and Zoe there!

  5. OMG–you ate pig!!!??????

  6. yep, it was delicious. an aesthetic experience

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