Homemade Vanilla Extract Progress Update!

Well, it’s been one week, and my exotic little potion is brewing away in the closet even better than I could have hoped.  I was a little worried that it might take forever/not happen at all, because I only had one bean and most recipes I saw called for at least three, and the amount of vodka I used was much more than they called for too.  But despite my worries, my huge jar of extract-in-progress has already turned from a clear nothing to a bright yellow over the course of one week.

Who knows what it will be like after spring break?!  I am so excited to go on tour to Switzerland and Italy with the Alley Cats for the next two weeks (we leave in half and hour!), but now I have at least one special thing to look forward to when I get back.

I stared at this jar for a good five minutes, admiring the little specks of vanilla bean floating around, the architecture of the bean pod, and the colour in the sunlight.  I can’t wait to use it, especially to give it away as gifts.

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3 thoughts on “Homemade Vanilla Extract Progress Update!

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