The Beauty of the Sandwich

I am a grazer.  I love eating little bites of different things throughout the day.  Don’t get me wrong – I love a big sit-down meal with friends that lasts for hours.  But day-to-day, I love just walking into the kitchen and seeing what I can fix from whatever I have in the fridge, whenever I feel like it.

The freedom of living in a real house is something I waited for for what seemed like ages, and something I relish every day.

The sandwich is one of the broadest canvasses for experimental grazery (along with the salad I think).  There are so many things you can slap between two pieces of bread to create something unique and delicious.

Lately, I’ve been fixated on this combination: pure peanut butter (read: just peanuts; unadulterated goodness in every way) and whole grain mustard (arguably the best sort).  It’s sweet, smooth, spicy, textured, aromatic, and so satisfying.  Seriously, try it.

The first time the idea graced me, I had gotten home from class that the afternoon and was beat.  It was beautiful outside in the fading light, and I was ready for a perfect afternoon snack and a book to curl up with in my armchair.

I walked into the kitchen, and inspiration struck gently, like a baby with an inflatable bat.  I wanted something hefty but a little bright too, with a contrast that really sang.

Thus.  It didn’t stay for long though.

On Sunday, we got our first share of our Winter CSA!  It was really exciting – a bag of shiitake mushrooms, and a whole bunch of different greens, including sorrel (a favourite of mine) and cress microgreens, which found their way into another iteration of this sandwich.

This time around, I also used some rye caraway pumpernickel that some friends salvaged from the dumpster and brought over on the weekend – a huge box of beautiful big loaves!  Toasted, it provided the perfect nutty and aromatic complement to the peanut butter and mustard.  I love rye bread for its rustic flavour and its bite, and caraway is one of my favourite spices that I really don’t get all that often, so this was a special treat for sure.

This one didn’t last for long either.

The microgreens really elevated this sandwich to a whole new level of contrast and delicious.  The bright, crisp, slightly bitter taste worked almost as a liaison between the peanut butter and the mustard, creating a bond between them that made the the overall flavour much more complex.  What really sold this for me though was the texture – the freshness of the greens added an almost prismatic quality to the whole sandwich.  There are few things better than the crunch of fresh greens.

If you’re at all curious, definitely try this combo out.  It may seem weird conceptually, but use the good stuff (go for pure peanut butter and a good rustic, whole grain mustard) and you might just become a believer.

What’s a cool sandwich combo that you’re really into or have tried recently?  Share so I can try them too!

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3 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Sandwich

  1. I’m not sure about the peanut butter – mustard combo but it looks better to me when you add the microgreens. I used to eat pepperoncini, raisins and mustard which sounds crazy too. Lately, I’ve been spinning different varieties of beans into spreads with radishes and sprouts. Mmmm.

  2. mmm yes love bean spreads, and sprouts too. 🙂

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